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I warned yall about making those Blue Ivy memes and you listened! Who didn’t? BET. Watch as that Kawaskai Tran (Chris Brown’s “girlfriend”, which I won’t even get into) takes a jab at a 2 YEAR-OLD’S HAIR on television. Clearly she was reading from a telepromter, and didn’t write the “joke” herself, BUT REALLY BET!??! At the BET Awards, you tried to sell us the whole “children first” bull, and then you allow a 2 year-old child to be made fun of?? AND FOR WEARING HER NATURAL BLACK HAIR!!? Now Karacare is biracial, light complexed and has long, straight hair—what Black people have been told for centuries (by society and, sadly, our communities) is considered beautiful. So to have HER dissing a coarser and more common texture of Black hair speaks VOLUMES to children who watch 106 & Park (bc no one over 18 is tuning in). How can you “pride” yourself in being Black Entertainment Television when all you do is profit off of stereotypes and promote self-hate within the Black community? It’s actually Entertainment Television [at the expense of] Blacks. This has nothing to do with me being a Bey fan and EVERYTHING to do with me being a conscious and proud human being. I have finally had enough with them. I am disgusted. Yall are trash for that.

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Anonymous asked: I find it funny how the only thing haters say about Beyoncé is calling her “overrated”. The fact that their fave has been in the game for 15 years and still struggles to hit a note on stage when my fave continues to prosper? Or the fact that my fave sold more in an hour with no promotion compared to the devastating sales their fave managed to scrape up in a week? So please, take several empty seats at your faves concerts and continue to listen to mediocre music while we get our life.


holy shit, go offfffffffffff 

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shit i’d watch this so damn hard

Seriously, 12 straight men acting as gay as humanly possible, I would die.
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